Tallis BTEC Music 2010

BTEC Music at Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich, London, UK

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The aftermath

We have now completed our performances of our pop music in practice throughout a series of assemblies. Assembly number 1 we performed Help and Johnny Be Goode. Our performance had no floors and was played with emotion and power.

Assembly number 2 we performed Hey Joe and Propane Nightmares. Unfortunately Charly broke a string on the guitar on the last verse of Hey Joe so the guitar was out for the last chorus. There was a slight pause between Hey Joe and Propane Nightmares because our teacher Mr Murray had to run and grab another guitar. Propane nightmares was played and personally we thought it was one of our most energetic performances we have ever done and were proud of ourselves because this was the main song we thought wouldn’t go to plan.

Assembly number 3 was our final performance. We performed Two Princess and Ever Fallen in Love. Two Princess was played smoothly and was completed with ease. Our final song was the one we were most looking forward to because of the fast flowing strumming and quick drum beat. Ever Fallen in Love was the best sounding song because it was our last performance and we wanted to go out with a bang.

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Music Performance Techniques (Unit 22)

Hi, we have set up our own blogs for our Music Performance Techniques Unit.

Please follow us at…





We will be creating a record of our individual progress on our instruments, with a particular focus on

1. Creating effective strategies for technical improvement through a structured practice regime

2. Performing as a soloist

3. Performing an individual line or part within an ensemble

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